Friday, September 09, 2005

Some inspiring bikes

My friend Katie took this photo of some awesome girls bikes. The pink and black is really phenomenal I think. It is giving me some wild ideas of suping up the Huffy Regal and the Lady Ambassador (photos of my bikes coming soon). However, I know some hardcore creepin could be in store with these babies. "Uhuh, those hotties are just for looking, not for ridin."

Next week I should hopefully put up an article on the "double buck". Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Rad Racin' in NYC

My associates Ryan and Andy "the Small" and I checked out the Rad Racers scene out East over the last two weeks. The report: Milwaukee- nada. Chicago- ehh. Pittsburgh- Hell no. New Jersey- they don't ride. NYC- Hell yeah. Toronto, Canada- Called "Rad Raciers", somewhat dece scene. In Manhattan we stayed with a friend of ours and checked his fat ride. Here is Sean on the beast as we cruised through SOHO.

Although it is not a girls bike, nor vintage, it still crept with technological power and advantage. It was like riding a mechanical steer at 0.05 mph. Thanks for letting me use yer bike Donald.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Official Logo of the Rad Racers

Friday, July 15, 2005

Introduction to the CPRR social movement

Hardcore Rad Racers creepin in the environment

(Prequel to the Weblog)
This Weblog discussion has been started to give a voice to daring bicyclists that appreciate a strong cold press coffee for energy and concentration. I realize that Cold Pressed Coffee (CPC) has caffeine which can be harmful to a person's mental well-being. I hope that anyone with a predisposition to mental illness or hyperactivity will not drink high amounts of caffeine. They should have enough drive and concentration to not require it. Any posts on CPC will not be applicable for these people, however plenty of killer bike moves will be discussed. With that statement out of the way, let's start with some introduction to the group.

The Rad Racers is a bicycle group started in San Diego, CA by high school student John Basta and his fellow associates; they adapted park skills to a "natural" urban/suburban environment for the purpose of racing and inventing moves that were off the hook. The majority of their moves were both crazy ("loco" So Cal terminology deriving from Spanish) and inspirational. Indeed, the glory of the group has influenced me to continue in their stead and create a Minneapolis chapter of the Rad Racers. However, I have since altered the original intentions of the Rad Racers fore'fathers to not only be "loco", but also "laid back" (LBC style). The original RRs rode primarily BMX bikes; the Minneapolis chapter will ride exclusively 1970s girl bikes. Just as well, the title of the group is the Cold Press Rad Racers (CPRR, or CP Rad Racers) which connotes an innate sense of creepin' with relaxed style and sometimes utilizing the boost of energy from CPC to truly inspire "mad" tricks; it also refers to the sometimes arctic climate of our region and the pressing issue of radical style. I can only hope that someday this paradox of styles will synthesize a similar rad racer movement somewhere els in the world.

Purpose: Show that 1970s girls' bikes can be used to both creep and do the unthinkable.
Motto: We crep and we came all up in yo momma's spread.
Interest: Combining relaxe
d styles with "rad" skill, sometimes acquiring donut.
Theme music: Gin and Juice-Snoop Doggy Dogg; Doin' Time- Sublime